Special Hotels Offers. Backpacker Accommodation. Budapest Hotels City Centre

Special Hotels Offers

special hotels offers

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KAGUM Hotels

KAGUM Hotels

K-Card functions as a legitimate payment method in Golden Flower Hotel Bandung, Banana Inn Hotel & Spa Bandung, Grand Seriti Hotel Bandung, and Grand Serela Hotel Bandung.

Among the benefits and privileges granted to K-Card holders are: Hotel rooms guarantee/priority, special check-in counter, in-room check-in, late check-out up to 3 P.M., and complimentary vouchers for: birthday cake, karaoke room, massage, room upgrades, fitness, swimming, and meeting rooms.

Hotel Touring 081

Hotel Touring 081

A fianco di Kasia: Lucilla la nostra mascotte.
Location: Hall, presso Hotel Touring, a Bologna. Mattuiani 1.

special hotels offers

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